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The potential drawbacks of condo living

Buildings that are currently used as apartment complexes could one day be converted into condos. In an apartment complex, each tenant pays rent to the landlord who will maintain the property. In a condo, each resident owns their own unit and may be assessed a fee to maintain a common area. While it may be worth it for a tenant to own the space that he or she is currently renting, that is not always the case.

Tips for maximizing the value of a home

While Florida homeowners are still seeing their homes appreciate in value, home prices are rising at a slower rate. Slower price appreciation may be a sign that a buyer's market is approaching. At a minimum, sellers will have to do more to get the most for their properties. One way to possibly get more for a home is to list it during the spring months. According to Realtor.com, homes listed in April had more views and less competition than other months.

What to consider before purchasing a vacation home

Florida residents who are thinking of purchasing a vacation home should seriously consider the decision before signing any paperwork. Owning a second home definitely has its benefits. However, a buyer will need to look at their financial goals and budget to be sure that they can afford a vacation home and that owning one is in their best interests.

Selling a home during divorce

Filing for divorce typically indicates that two married people are ready to lead individual lives. Before they reach that point, however, they should work together faithfully to sell their marital home in Florida. Conflict between divorcing partners that spills over into the process of selling real estate could cause delays and perhaps reduce the final selling price.

South Florida sees an increase in real estate transactions

The number of properties sold and the average price of those properties increased in South Florida in 2018. Miami-Dade County alone reported sales of more than 3.5 million square feet of commercial property, which is the first time in history that the county sold that many properties.

What to do in a property line dispute

It isn't uncommon for Florida homeowners to engage in disputes. In many cases, they can be resolved through effective communication. Objective markers like a fence or a tree could be used as the official boundary between one property and the next. There are times when property disputes arise because a homeowner puts a building or a garden a few inches over his or her property line.

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