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Trusted By Naples Country Clubs & Associations

You may be here because of recent news about homeowners associations making country club membership mandatory, or you may be here because you are working on a new expansion or project. Most likely, you are here because you want quality legal representation and a lawyer who knows what they’re doing.

Country clubs are governed by various rules and bylaws. They are also subject to unique state laws and regulations. Florida, in particular, pays a lot of attention to how community associations interact with country clubs.

Adamczyk Law Firm represents country clubs and community associations throughout southwest Florida. Our attorneys understand how to work with boards and clubs, manage complicated projects and guide your group through legal issues.

Keep Your Country Club Prepared

Every country club and community association faces disputes. While some are easily resolved, you will need counsel at some point, and experienced counsel is in the best position to take care of your legal needs. Our firm has more than 30 years of combined legal experience. We can help you plan and resolve legal problems like:

  • Drafting bylaws and charters
  • Amending your community bylaws and membership regulations
  • Planning construction and land rights
  • Board management and personnel issues
  • Creating lease agreements and lease dispute resolution

Country clubs, homeowners associations and other communities throughout Florida depend on us for legal representation.

Visit our video center for more information about issues that are important to country clubs and associations.

Lawyers For A Country Club With Clout

When you hire an attorney, you should look for a team that knows what it is doing and will not waste your time. We take you through your proceedings quickly, with complete and understandable explanations. Our attorneys are experienced and trusted not just by associations across the region, but by the legal community.

Call our Naples office at 239-260-9948. You can also reach our staff online by completing our contact form. We will set up an appointment to discuss your specific needs.