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Cooperatives Are One-Of-A-Kind Organizations

For many people, living in a cooperative (also called a co-op) is an affordable option that does not come with the same personal liability or responsibilities as regular home ownership.

The co-op itself is a nonprofit corporation. The corporation holds the title to the property and grants proprietary leases to residents. The co-op is collectively owned and managed by residents. Co-ops split the cost of living and maintenance costs among members in proportional shares.

Why Your Co-Op Needs A Dedicated Attorney

Co-op properties are managed by boards that are largely responsible for decisions about the property. However, individual residents are often heavily involved in the day-to-day life of the co-op. Because of these structures and social dynamics, legal issues can become complicated for co-ops.

Our attorneys manage co-op issues like:

  • Property acquisition
  • Association and board rules
  • Tax and estate issues
  • Memberships and leasing

The attorneys at Adamczyk Law Firm understand Florida community association law. We represent co-ops in Naples and in southwest Florida. We can help your organization manage co-op buying, co-op selling, co-op building and more.

Visit our video center for more information about issues that are important to cooperatives.

How To Hire Us

Our lawyers have decades of experience in Florida real estate and community association law. We work with dozens of associations across the area for their most complicated legal needs.

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