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Protecting Your Interests In Civil Litigation

Civil proceedings can be a drag on your business, limiting your ability to focus on your enterprise and your customers. Choosing the right legal counsel can help you manage the pain and drain of litigation.

Adamczyk Law Firm in Naples combines decades of litigation experience with knowledge of business and real estate law. Our firm is diligent. We provide high-quality representation for southwest Florida businesses, homeowners associations and individuals. While we always seek a negotiated resolution of disputes, we never back down from challenging litigation.

The firm handles a wide range of commercial and real estate litigation, including:

  • Property line disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Disputes between contractors and property managers
  • Vendor and business disputes
  • Property tax disputes
  • Disputes between homeowners associations, property owners and municipalities

Florida Businesses Depend On Adamczyk Law Firm

Looking for a lawyer ready to handle civil procedures? The lawyer you choose makes all the difference. Our attorneys are skilled at civil suits, including alternative dispute resolution. With us, all your options are open.

We value skillful conflict resolution. Our lawyers are trained to help you through mediation, court procedure and civil litigation. Whether your business needs a calm presence at the negotiating table or a strong voice in the courtroom, our attorneys are there for you and your business.

Contact Our Office For Litigation Services

Our lawyers serve businesses based in Naples, Florida, and the surrounding area for their real estate and litigation needs. We do not stop until we get the best possible outcome for you. Our advice and guidance are always to the point and understandable.

To work with our legal team, call our office at 239-260-9948. Our team is also reachable by internet, and you can complete our contact form to begin. Set up your consultation today.