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New Businesses Are In Good Hands With Adamczyk Law Firm

A properly formed business entity is the best way to protect yourself from liability. It can also help you obtain the tax treatment you desire. No one should do business or enter into business contracts under his or her personal name, as you would put your personal assets at risk.

Similarly, no one should own commercial real estate under his or her personal name. Otherwise, you would put all of your assets at risk for any liabilities associated with the property.

At Adamczyk Law Firm in Naples, our attorneys form limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations and other business entities for developers, individuals and business owners in southwest Florida. We have vital skills that can help insulate your business from trouble. With our team on your side, you will have legal advice that is far-sighted, dedicated and effective.

Understanding Business Liability And Taxes

Two of the biggest concerns of any business owner are liability protection and tax obligations. Missing the mark on either can leave you with debts you never expected.

Establishing a property business entity is only the first step in protecting yourself from liabilities associated with a business. It’s important to incorporate the proper formalities to prevent an aggressive lawyer from asserting that your entity is a sham. You also need the right insurance policies for the types of risks your enterprise faces.

Speak With A Lawyer

Legal protection is not a luxury for today’s businesses. Whether you are working on business formation or seeking an investment property, you need to cover your bases. Call our office in Naples today at 239-260-9948 or speak with us online by completing our contact form. Set up an appointment to discuss the details of your new business.