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Following the rules for Homeowners Associations

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | Homeowner Association & Condo Law |

Florida residents might be afraid to join condos with homeowner’s associations (HOA) due to the rules and regulations. These rules can be very intimidating, but ultimately the rules associated with HOAs can benefit homeowners.

Why do HOAs exist?

HOAs exist to protect the best interests of that community. HOAs enforce rules and regulations that protect the home values, community members, individual property, and aesthetics of the area.

Many HOAs get a bad rep due to the strict rules and regulations. At the end of the day though, these rules exist to benefit you the homeowner.

What are some examples of rules?

HOA boards will have different rules based on where the community is located, the history of that community, and the current residents involved. Some HOAs have pretty lenient rules and other HOAs have rigorous rules in place. Some examples of HOA rules include:
– Restrictions on outdoor decorations
– Maintenance schedules
– Noise ordinances
– Home occupancy limits
– Parking guidelines
– Rules regarding pets

HOA rules can seem similar to rules a landlord might impose on their rental, but it’s up to the homeowner to do maintenance on their home and updates. In addition, it’s rare that your HOA can get you kicked out of the home.

What if I have issues with the HOA rules?

Rules in an HOA can be changed by the HOA board. Working with the board of your HOA can be a long process and the changes might not happen overnight, but it’s possible.

Most conflicts with your HOA are resolved in a small courtroom setting. While HOA rules exist for a reason, they should never be dormitory in nature or be unreasonable. It’s important to work with your family and the HOA board to come to an understanding.