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How to avoid violation of common HOA rules

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Homeowner Association & Condo Law |

Residents of Naples and nearby areas of Florida may want to know more about keeping within the rules of the homeowners association in their communities. Following the rules can keep you out of trouble and on the good side of the HOA that governs the community.

If you violate these rules, the HOA can’t force you to move, but you could pay a fine. With this in mind, here are some tips to avoid those fines and be on the good side of the HOA.

Keep your landscape in shape

The HOA wants the community to retain its curb appeal. Check to see if you can plant certain plants or shrubs.

Know the limits on vehicles

The HOA may only allow a certain number of vehicles on your property. Speed limits are enforceable.

Ask before you sublet

The association may have rules about subletting your home. You may end up on a wait list if the HOA wants a certain percentage of owners living there.

Throw out trash appropriately

Find out what items may go in trash, recycling, etc. HOAs frown on those who put their trash out too early or keep it out too long as it may detract from the curb appeal of the community.

Know the rules regarding outside storage

Per homeowner association and condo law, the HOA may have limits as to what you can store outside. You might need to hide a bicycle behind a fence. Storage structures may not be allowable.

Check whether pets have restricted areas

There may be rules as to where your pet can have its walk. Often, animals must be on leashes within the community, and you are responsible for picking up after your pet. There may also be restrictions on certain breeds.

Avoid loud noise

There may be rules to restrict loud noise during certain hours. These may be in addition to city or county noise ordinances.

Don’t change the appearance of your house

You may need written permission to paint your house, add a deck or install a unique mailbox. Check with your association to learn the process for approval.

These rules are meant to enhance the appearance of the community. Pay attention to HOA rules, and you won’t have to pay a fine.