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What your homeowner’s association can’t do

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Condo / HOA |

As someone working for a homeowner’s association in Florida, you certainly don’t want to violate the law. Unfortunately, this happens when a homeowner’s association accidentally oversteps its boundaries. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, here are a few things that your homeowner’s association isn’t allowed to do.

Have a homeowner take down their clotheslines

Throughout history, technology continues to move the world forward. With that in mind, many people prefer to dry their clothes indoors with the help of a dryer. However, some people would rather hang up a clothesline and let their clothes dry naturally. No matter how unsightly you find a clothesline, Florida laws dictate that it’s a homeowner’s right to utilize solar drying. Therefore, you can’t create HOA rules that force homeowners to take down their clotheslines.

Changes rules on the fly

Another thing your organization can’t do is to make up rules on the fly. Instead, you’ll need to check the conditions of your organization and propose rule changes properly. Making new rules without the authority to do so could find you in violation of homeowner association & condo law.

Requesting that a satellite dish comes down

Many people like to relax by watching television. However, you might not feel so relaxed when you start seeing satellite dishes on roofs in a neighborhood your organization manages. While some people find them unsightly, a homeowner’s association can’t ask or force a homeowner to remove satellite dishes from their homes. This ruling came to be when the Federal Communications Commission created the Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule.

In conclusion, a homeowner’s association helps ensure that all homeowners in a neighborhood adhere to a certain set of standards. With that said, there are also rules that your homeowner’s association must not overstep.