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Important parts of a rental lease

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Real Estate Law |

When people rent out properties, they have to make sure that the lease includes all of the relevant information. This protects both the landlord and the tenants, as both parties need to agree to the terms.

There are several elements that people need to include in a rental lease.

What are the financial details?

According to Realtor.com, one of the most important elements of a lease is the tenant’s financial responsibilities. How much is the rent? Does the rent include utilities and if so, which ones? People also need to include the due date for the rent and when they will apply a late fee. Additionally, tenants need to know how much the late fee might be.

How can tenants use the property?

People can also use the lease to explain the activities that tenants can perform in the property. According to Apartments.com, some tenants may want to sublet a unit. The lease should explain whether this is permissible. If people allow their tenants to sublet, they can include information about the subletting process.

Additionally, some tenants may want to use a rental property to carry out a business. Musicians may want to teach lessons in their house, for example, or small business owners may want to meet with clients. The lease can include information about these activities and whether they are permissible.

When can people terminate the lease?

There may be situations when people realize that they need to remove tenants from the property. The lease should explain which situations may result in these removals. People may include some of the following violations:

  • Performing criminal activities in the unit
  • Breaking local health and safety regulations
  • Failing to pay the rent

Laying out this information in the lease can help make sure that everyone understands the agreement.

When people write clear rental leases, they can increase the likelihood that they and their tenants will get along peacefully.