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Neighbor relations in an HOA

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Condo / HOA |

Homeowners’ associations commonly manage condominium and townhouse complexes, aiding in the development of maintenance of a uniform standard throughout the community. One goal of an HOA is to protect the property value of all owners. Another benefit of an HOA is the ability to help reduce or prevent friction between neighbors due to unkempt exterior areas, as these are often regulated by the HOA.

Neighborly relations are always important, and The Spruce recommends that people make it a priority to get to know their neighbors in some capacity. Having a collegial relationship with a neighbor can go a long way toward preventing a minor nit from turning into a major conflict. People tend to be more forgiving of things they may not like if they know the other party or have some sort of relationship with them.

If one neighbor in a community with an association engages in some type of behavior that another neighbor finds troublesome or that violates one of the HOA rules, approaching the person in a one-on-one conversation may be a preferred first attempt at solving the issue instead of going immediately to the HOA or other authorities for involvement.

Bankrate notes that pets, storage of items in communally visible exterior locations, vehicles and trash are frequently involved in minor disputes among neighbors. These things also often correlate to HOA rules. If unacceptable behavior fails to be corrected even after a conversation, there may be no option but to engage the HOA. Depending on the community, warning letters may be sent prior to any fines being levied.