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Florida HOA goes against law barring homeowner from entry

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Homeowner Association & Condo Law |

Many residential communities in Florida have a homeowner’s association to help maintain common grounds and keep property values up for the residents. However, there are times when the HOA steps out of line. Florida law governs HOA’s expecting them to follow certain guidelines and restricting them from certain actions.

An HOA in Riviera Beach, FL has been accused of not allowing a new homeowner onto a property. Eric Nathanson bought a foreclosed property at auction and planned to bring some contractors to work on the purchased home in the Woodbine Apartment Homes. Unfortunately, the HOA refused him and his guests access citing unpaid back payments for dues.

The police had to be involved to allow the new homeowner access to the property. To top it off, the current homeowner already had a prospective buyer for the soon-to-be-renovated property, but the buyer never made it past the gate. The buyer then backed out of the deal unwilling to make the purchase and wanted the homeowner to pay for the inspector’s time since the HOA denied access.

The homeowner has considered filing a lawsuit against the HOA should they fail to resolve the issues. The HOA’s attorney had no further information to provide, but the homeowner’s attorney cited the state’s HOA act and Condo act during their statement to the press. The homeowner’s attorney claims that the new homeowner does not owe the thousands in back dues the HOA claims he does.

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