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How to handle condo disputes before they escalate

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Condo / HOA |

Living in a Florida condo gives you access to the beautiful ocean views and sandy beaches the state is famous for. Unfortunately, you are also in close proximity to your neighbors, sharing walls and sometimes entering into disputes. Disagreements that crop can quickly turn nasty but following a few simple guidelines can help you resolve them before they get worse.

First Community Management lists odors, noise, children, pet and décor as the most common causes of disputes. Sometimes the dispute can be resolved after the first event, but sometimes the issue continues to be a problem between neighbors. As in any conflict, residents who remain calm are more likely to listen to one another.

A face-to-face interaction can help eliminate unnecessary conflict that can arise in emails or text messages. The residents can read the other’s body language and assess tone more easily than in written text. Remaining neighborly during the conversation can help ease into the disagreement rather than launching into the grievance from the outset. When that fails, documenting the events can help you appeal to the condo association.

According to All Property Management, condo associations do not want to get involved in neighbor disputes unless they have to. Should a resident bring a dispute to the condo association, the COA may investigate the disagreement to determine whether it requires further action. Legal counsel may be sought to determine whether the parties broke any laws or regulations such as harassment or discrimination.

The COA does not want to cause the condo owners any additional money with legal fees. Ideally, residents should work to resolve disputes on their own.