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Help with real estate law key when building a fence in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Firm News, Real Estate Law |

Floridians who are seeking to improve a home and property will often decide that they need to have a fence installed. Reasons include safety, aesthetics or general home refurbishment. However, when planning to do this, many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring real estate law. It is important to understand how to ensure that the fence is built according to legal specifications.

There are many factors to consider when building a fence both before and after construction. Prior to construction, the land should be assessed by an experienced professional surveyor to gauge the line between one property and another. There will be land ordinances, and the homeowners association will have requirements. It could have limits on fence height, its materials, the direction it faces and more. A permit might be required. Consulting with the neighbors is wise to understand their position as it impacts them too. The fence could be partially on a neighbor’s property, sparking legal considerations. It is key to know the property lines and plan for every eventuality.

When the fence has been built, other problems can arise. Legal violations might be discovered, or it could simply be unattractive, sparking discord with the neighbors. This could result in lawsuits. Some neighbors build a fence because of spite, and it is done as a method to annoy neighbors by making it too high or unattractive. This too can be the catalyst for a lawsuit. It might end with forced alterations or complete removal of the fence.

When constructing a fence, it is best to mitigate the potential problems beforehand. Even if the homeowner failed to take the appropriate steps prior to construction, it may be necessary to have legal help from a real estate law firm to address any concern.