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Florida HOA board and residents struggle with vulture problem

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Firm News, Homeowner Association & Condo Law |

Residents of Tudor Grove at Timber Springs in Florida say that they are concerned about the hundreds of black vultures that occupy their community. One homeowner there claimed that the birds can carry up to 35 diseases. She also said that multiple attempts to get them to stop spending time on their home’s roof have not worked. Frustrated about the situation, she met with the HOA president but was told that it was up to her to solve the problem.

The president says that there are questions about who is liable to remove the animals. However, he also claimed at an HOA meeting that the community had the financial resources to remedy the problem if necessary. A variety of solutions to the problem were proposed at the meeting, but it was not clear if any were acceptable to those who are impacted by the infestation.

Property owners who find themselves in a dispute with an HOA may benefit from retaining legal counsel. A homeowner association and condo law professional may be able to help those who live in an HOA learn about and assert their rights. This may be done by reviewing association rules as they relate to a given problem. Local, state or federal laws might also compel an HOA board to take action that benefits a homeowner. Even if the rules favor the HOA in a given matter, it doesn’t mean that a homeowner can’t strive for a favorable resolution.

Generally, the association will want to avoid a costly battle that could also result in bad publicity for the community. A compromise may allow the HOA and a homeowner to share responsibility for eradicating pests such as insects or birds. This may help to resolve a problem in a timely manner without straining relationships between community members.