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Selling a home during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Firm News, Real Estate Law |

Filing for divorce typically indicates that two married people are ready to lead individual lives. Before they reach that point, however, they should work together faithfully to sell their marital home in Florida. Conflict between divorcing partners that spills over into the process of selling real estate could cause delays and perhaps reduce the final selling price.

Real estate agents who have experience working with divorcing spouses could provide valuable insight and guidance. Neither partner should resist an agent’s recommendations about pricing, decluttering and staging a home. These tactics are meant to entice buyers and hopefully inspire good offers. The splitting couple will also need to make decisions about where the money will come from to pay for cleaning, repairs and cosmetic upgrades to get a property ready to list.

Ideally, the two owners will view the sale as a business transaction and not an opportunity to make life difficult for each other. They should strive to treat each other fairly and focus on selling the home in a timely manner. A fast home sale will enable the completion of the divorce process and allow the two parties to move on with their lives.

Even when a person makes a good effort to sell a home, unexpected issues might arise that complicate the process. A lien, easement, shoddy workmanship, zoning violation or title irregularity might leave a person with legal questions. However, an attorney who understands real estate law could evaluate the situation and research ways to correct the problems. To resolve issues, the lawyer might strive to negotiate a solution with a contentious third party. As solutions come together, an attorney could review the final purchase agreement to determine if it appears to protect the client’s interests.