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Double Standards for Condo & HOAs for Certification?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Condo / HOA, Firm News |


I am on the Board of my homeowners association, and I have heard that only board members for a condominium association are required to be certified in the Florida community association laws. Is this true?

This is currently true, and it has never really made any sense to me because the duties of an HOA board member parallel the duties of a board member in a condominium. Currently, Florida law requires board members in a condominium to either sign an oath that they have read the condo documents and agree to uphold them. Alternatively, they can attend a course offered by an approved educator in which they will learn the important fundamentals and skills needed to be an effective board member.

I prefer the option of taking the course because board members come away with a much more practical understanding of the laws governing their condominium. Fortunately, the laws governing HOA’s is changing so that HOA board members will also be required to either sign the written oath or attend an approved certification course. Our firm and other firms in the area offer these courses free of charge, and we will be offering them to HOA board members. Feel free to contact our office for the next available certification course for association board members.