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Just Bought a Condo… How Do I Know What I’m Entitled To as an Owner?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Condo / HOA, Firm News |


Q: I am new to Florida. I recently bought an older condominium unit in Naples and I am not certain whether I received all of the condominium documents and rules. How do I know if I received everything I am entitled to have as an owner, and who should I contact with any problems with my unit?

A: Before closing on the purchase of your unit, you were entitled to a great bit of detail with respect to the condominium association. Pursuant to Florida law, the seller of your unit was required to furnish copies of the Declaration of Condominium, articles and bylaws, any rules and regulations and a document entitled “Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.” You were also entitled to the association’s annual financial report. Before closing, you were entitled to three (3) full business days to review the above documentation before you were obligated to proceed with closing.

The condominium form of ownership is not unique to Florida, but there are many complexities and it would probably benefit you to pick up a practical guide such as Peter Dunbar’s “The Condominium Concept”. For any questions about your association, you should contact the professional management company hired by your association. If there is no management company, you can go to www.sunbiz.org to search for the names and addresses of the board members who operate your community.