Q: We are having some issues with a few employees of our condo association. The issues involve job performance and insubordination. Our Board needs to discuss a resolution but we do not want to do it publicly because many unit owners will be vocal and the meeting could get out of hand. Is there a legal way for our Board to discuss this behind closed doors?

A: Your Board can properly meet in a “closed” session to discuss personnel matters. Please refer to Florida Statutes section 718.112 (2) (c). Issues with job performance involving association employees certain falls within this exception to the rule that all Board meetings be open to the membership. The only other exception involves meetings with the association’s attorney to discuss pending or threatened litigation. Technically, the association should still post a notice of the closed meeting at least 48 hours before the meeting. The posting requirement may seem redundant, but the statute still requires that there be notice to the members of all meetings.