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Can My Condo Board Enforce I.D. Dog Leashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2016 | Firm News |


Q. Our condo documents permit pets. The Board of Directors has instituted a pet identification policy by issuing leashes at $20.00 per leash. Is this legal, and what if our security guards refuse to regulate or monitor the distribution of these leashes?

A. This policy is probably legal provided that the condo documents do not clearly prohibit the board from adopting reasonable rules and regulations concerning pets. The board, as I understand your question, is not banning pets but is merely requiring owners to obtain a special leash so that the pet and owner can be identified. The reason for this policy is probably related to proper identification of residents for enforcement and fining purposes. If the security guards are employees or vendors of the association and they refuse to carry out the association’s rules and regulations, the board should find a new security company but should first have legal counsel review service contract for that vendor.